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Application # :
Date Received :
October 11, 2019
Address :
Ward :
Ward 4  -  KANATA NORTH  -  Jenna   Sudds
Application :
Site Plan Control
Review Status :
Additional Submission Review Required
Status Date :
February 11, 2020
Description :
The applicant is proposing the development of an 8-storey office building with approximately 18,452 square metres of office space. The new office building is proposed on the southern property at 2707 Solandt Road. As part of site plan control, a 30-metre setback from Shirley's Brook is proposed to provide a meander belt along the watercourse. Vehicle access will be provided via two access points on Solandt Road which will provide access to surface parking and the pick-up/drop-off area at the front of the building. A total of 443 surface vehicle parking spaces will be provided for employees and visitors. The parking spaces will consist of 247 parking spaces from the existing parking lot at 2505 Solandt Road and 196 new parking spaces that are proposed to be constructed with the new building.

File Lead :
Name :
Mark   Young
Phone :

Supporting Documents :
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